This Saturday was family lunch day…. … .!

Laughing, bickering, celebrating was all on the agenda so I needed somewhere that would accept my boisterous bunch.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’d been to The Brown Cow’s big sister pub The Sands End many times and thought the world of it so decided to put its newer sibling BC to the test. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Smack on Fulham Road just a stone’s throw from Parson’s Green tube it’s the ideal meeting spot. Plenty of parking too Mummies. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, the basics – the interior is cosy & comfortable. It has a modern more upscale touch than an old codger’s pint n’ peanuts sort of place. It fills that nice gap we had in this area – between the very pubby White Horse and the smarter Fulham Wine Rooms.

The crowd here is easily defined: Sloane Rangers on downtime. Q: What does this mean? A: It’s dress down time, they’re casually entertaining family, or perhaps they’ve stopped for their infamous scotch egg whilst walking the dog(s), and most definitely a large percentage are obviously feeling the post-Maggie’s backstab.IMG-20130213-00028-1

So when it comes to getting served – be patient ok? These guys have a lot to do, and they also, were in Maggies last night so bear with. I would say that the staff were friendly but slightly distracted, perhaps there’s some inter-team-cow relations going on – they’re a good looking bunch. But seriously, I really felt like I was burdening them with my order, it was awkward. My only criticism stops here.

So, food in this rustic restaurant is wonderfully traditional. All the classics are available – burgers, steaks, lamb chops & mackerel. However very disappointing (there was nothing) for anyone vegetarian, I doubt they get away with that without a bit of ear-ache. You’re call BC.

I (apologetically of course) ordered the Cider-battered Haddock, mushy peas, triple cooked chips and tartar sauce, it was the winner! Crispy batter, fresh fish and chunky soft chips. Consensus: I would re-order. 1477551_437408096358951_937267892_n

They have a cracking wine list, heavy on the French (never a problem), and some juicy Italian bottles. You can see the list, and food specials written up on blackboard dotted about – nice rustic touch.Wine list brown cowIn sum, this feels like a perfect modern take on gastro pub that meets the needs of a plethora of young (ish) Fulham dwellers whist serving the traditional purposes of such an establishment. Well done!!brown cow chalk board

x The Whistler x


5 thoughts on “SW6, THE BROWN COW, Lunch

  1. Hi Whistler, thanks for the blog! It’s great to get feedback (good and bad) to help us know how things are going from the other side of the table – you know I just took a look at Saturday’s menu and you are right! there wasn’t any vegetarian options (apart from breakfast choices)! An over site on our side and it may have continued without your input so thanks again 🙂 hope you’ll be back, we do a great Sunday roast as well 😉 – The BC x

    1. Hey BC, glad you liked the feedback, and brilliant to hear about the vegetarian option – it will save you from a few grumpy comments i’m sure :). We’ll definitely be back to try a roast- really like the vibe in you’re pub! xx

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