W1, AMICO BIO, Lunch

I watched a horrendous documentary about the meat industry and for 3 whole days I turned vegan – have you ever done that? It would have lasted longer but chocolate came along, and cake, and silky delicious lattes. I should try harder I know.

During this recent vegan episode I met with a veggie friend (no-one else would come with me – vegetable discriminators!) and headed to Amico Bio, the Italian Vegetarian Organic Restaurant in Holborn.vegetarian lunch london vegan dinner restaurant

Aside from the staff the restaurant was 100% empty, which you’d think might put us off but we endorsed it. We wondered about, chatted with Antonio (charmer), and just generally made ourselves very comfortable indeed.vegan vegetarian lunch london restaurant dinner wine

It is all adorably authentic. Lots of wood, pots, pans, graphics.vegan vegetarian london dinner lunch restaurant wine

In the zone, we ordered a white vegan wine (Falanghina). This means they don’t use sulphites or filter the wine. You probably haven’t tasted vegan wine, this is because it tastes like feet. Sorry Amico, but really it does. What was wonderful was that when I spoke up about this to Antonio, he immediately exchanged our wine for a sulphite heavy triple filtered normal wine (the Trebbiano), which was delicious – we were back on track, when I have wine I am happy.wine vegan vegetarian restaurant london dinner lunch

I showed a huge interest is this vegan breed of wine, I genuinely find it very interesting. I was kindly given a tasting of the red vegan wine. Again, not the one, unfortunately. By a long way.vegan restaurant london dinner lunch vegetarian

Excitingly, the menu is enormous – burgers, pizzas, salads, risotto. We shared some Rice croquettes filled with mozzarella & peas (£5.00). Hot, creamy & delicious.

I ordered the Pumpkin Squash & Potato Tortino with pearl barley & green beans (£9.50), and absolutely loved it. The pumpkin squash was soft & full of flavour, a really brilliant dish.dinner lunch vegetarian vegan restaurant londonvegan vegetarian lunch dinner restaurant london

My little friend had Vegan Short Pasta with Cep Mushrooms (£12.00) which had a distinct spicy kick. The mushrooms were rich & indulgent but the pasta itself a tad bland – perhaps the lack of egg?vegetarian vegan lunch dinner london restaurant wine

All in all an interesting, pleasant lunch. I love brand and what it stands for and will continue to support it. The food didn’t blow me away, but it was good and very fairly priced for the quality of the ingredients. I fully intend to go back and try some more of this ambitious menu, in particular:
• Seitan hamburger, with tomato, onion and lettuce, served with chips and salad (£10.00)
• Ravioli filled with smoked cheese and sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomato and basil sauce (£12.00)
• Rum babà with amarene cherries (£6.00) for dessert.dinner lunch vegan vegetarian restaurant wine london

I’m quite sure this business will grow – vegetarian diets are growing popular as people are becoming less ignorant about meat.

If you don’t know where your meat comes from, I suggest you do a little research – I guarentee it wont take long for you to think twice about the food chains you are supporting. Watch what you eat my little friends.bill dinner lunch restaurant london vegan vegetarian wine

x The Whistler x

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4 thoughts on “W1, AMICO BIO, Lunch

  1. Don’t let one dish or one wine deter you from trying more 😉 It makes me so happy that so many restaurants are now offering organic and vegan food (I’m not a vegan, but I do eat a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes)

      1. Agreed! I’ve heard a few people say “isn’t it boring to eat vegetables all the time?” to which I replied “Isn’t it boring to eat chicken or beef all the time?”

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