W12, Bill’s Restaurant, Westfield – Light Lunch

It just so happens that going to Bill’s in Shepherds Bush was a complete and utter accident. But, according to my mother on each and every one of my birthdays, some accidents are the most beautiful things of all! And I concur. Obviously.

bills lunch shepherd bush healthy menu
This comes from part of Bill’s story of how they go to where they are today.

‘Bill’s’ is a pleasure on the eyes as well as the stomach. It is an all round sensory experience and surprisingly interactive.

I was planning to meet a friend outside Shepherds Bush station, but due to their abysmal time keeping I was forced to wander the salary-thieving scoundrel that is Westfield Shopping Centre for an hour or so. After feeling substantially violated in the wallet department, I got a call an hour later from my friend, telling me to meet her by All Saints. Off I go, annoyed at their lateness, but more so, annoyed at myself…and the umpteenth pair of black jeans I just purchased. Again.

bills lunch shepherd bush healthy menu
There’s so much to look at in Bill’s, you won’t get bored over lunch…

But then Bill’s was there to lift my mood. Right there, near the far exit of Westfield. Even though I was technically meant to be going to meet for a drink, the food was too tempting, the menu was exactly what I usually aim for: Healthy!  I have to admit, it would take a lot for me to willingly go into a restaurant half immersed by any shopping centre, but the interior decor of Bill’s was delightfully playful. On all the walls there were millions of interesting and adorable things! Mini chocolates, bath soaps, rock candy, chutney… It’s a hoarders dream.

bills lunch shepherd bush healthy menu
Green Superfood Smoothie to revitalise!

After spotting the ‘Bill’s super green smoothie’ it sounded intriguing. So as well as my green slime, I ordered the the Halloumi and cous-cous salad. (Olives to share.) Both- were fantastic. The Halloumi was finished with garlic which was subtle yet delightful. And the smoothie was like a big vat of delicious detox!

bills lunch shepherd bush healthy menu
The deliciously healthy Halloumi & Cous Cous Salad and the Bacon & Spinach Salad, the perfect light lunch.
bills lunch shepherd bush healthy menu
Some of the treats available in the in-store shops, perfect little gifts…

My favourite touch however, might have been the little gift wrapping stall to the corner. To wrap the millions upon trillions of things that lay dotted around Bill’s in a rainbow of crepe paper and string. A visual masterpiece. I applaud you Bill’s. Taking the eating experience to the next level.

Find Bill’s here: Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7SL

Thanks to the adorable Anna K for writing this piece for The Whistler


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