BIG EASY, King’s Road – BBQ shack party!

I cannot express my love for the Big Easy enough. Decent lobster at bargain prices and jugs of frozen cocktails in a chilled out diner ON the King's Road, WHO wouldn’t love this place?
big easy kings road lobster bbq dinner lunch
True story
big easy kings road lobster bbq dinner lunch
Looks like a pub, dishes up like a diner

I personally frequent the Big Easy King’s Road more often much than I should. Especially as the London food scene is more experiential and innovative than ever – The Palomar, Story and Caravan are all on my hit-list. But I simply cannot resist the Big Easy I am addicted; I don’t even care if they do make me wait 40 minutes at the bar for a table. Me and those frozen margarita’s are old friends.

I am still to try the Big Easy Covent garden, but I KNOW it will be good. So i’m taking my time.

big easy kings road lobster bbq dinner lunch
Daily offers – absolute bargains!

A couple of weekends ago I chose Big Easy as the venue to host a reunion dinner. I chose it after struggling to think of any other restaurant that will serve 20 rowdy 25-30 year-olds and serve them well. When I had the pleasure (got lumbered) with the exhausting task of organising this dinner, my spirits were lifted with the confidence that Big Easy would handle it like champions. Minimal planning effort on my behalf is exactly what I was looking for and what I got. Brilliant. A soon as I got in touch with the American restaurant, they emailed me over a selection of menus specifically for groups over 10. I chose the sharing platters, the group chose their food. It’s officially called a ‘Party Booking’ and gives you a number of options.

Here is the one I selected, at a humble £32.95 per person:


Deep Fried Calamari, Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers, Voodoo Chicken Wings, Steamed West Country Mussels & Peel & Eat Shrimp


Chateaubriand, Atlantic Crab Claws, Creamy Cheese Spinach “Vegas Style” & Macaroni and Cheese

See what I mean? Easy, no stress, no annoying splits of the bill at the end (apart from drinks.)

The food was great. And there are seafood only options available too. There was literally so much food we left the Big Easy rolling out the front door, serenaded by the live band….Any rolling stones song would have been appropriate, because I felt like a tumbling boulder.

Post dinner recommendation: Maggie’s club who are bringing back the 80’s, or JuJu’s Bar for a Porn star martini

big eacy kings road bbq dinner lunch
check out out our bibs!

x The London Whistler x

332-334 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR

kings road big easy cocktails
Kings Road rocks


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