Nobu, Old Park Lane – Dinner

This was my second time at Nobu, so I knew I must have the Black Cod dish. This is by far, one of my favourite things of all time on menus worldwide, and Nobu does it exceptionally well, though what do you expect from a world-renowned Michelin Star restaurant. It is so tender the fish falls apart in your mouth. If you haven’t tried it yet, seriously – you are missing out on one of life’s greatest culinary gifts.

nobu Japanese mayfair dinner
The faultless black cod. Worthy of a repeat order

It was so good I literally ordered another dish of it, occasionally sharing it with my date at the time….

Another thing to note, is the beautiful presentation of each dish at Nobu. As any oriental restaurant with western influences, the format of the menu is in lots and lots of small dishes. So its important that each small dish comes presented as beautifully as possible, creating an artistic journey of visual and taste senses.

An obscene amount of Sashimi is a must at any Asian contemporary venue. I always go for a selection of Sake Salmon, Akami Tuna and Chutoro Tuna. Hold the wasabi, bring on the Soy sauce.

nobu dinner park lane japanese
Sashimi with jalapeño sauce

The Rock Shrimp tempura in its creamy spicy sauce is also a Nobu classic must have.

Nobu dinner business japanese luxury
Meaty Rock Shrimp tempura with fresh chives
Nobu dinner park lane business japanese
Clean cut Japanese interiors. Fitting for Nobu but lacked character for me.

I don’t usually start off posts by writing immediately about the food. I like to set the scene of the restaurant, walking you through the décor and overall vibe. Sadly, this is where Nobu largely lets itself down for me, so I didn’t think it was worth the privilege of opening paragraph. Too bright, too rigid, too canteen like. Those would be the three descriptors. Perhaps it was an intentional move to mimic the stereotype of Japanese life? If I was a forgiving customer, I would say that this was done intentionally so customers focus purely on the food they are eating, rather than what is going on around them. But I am not forgiving, and I didn’t like it.

Either way, I continued to eat my amazing food, (with my eyes closed) and as always, washed down  it all down with a lot of wine.  Sake optional….

Nobu, 19 Old Park Lane
Nobu, 19 Old Park Lane


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