Curled Leaf, a ladies lunch at a local gem

Ladies this gorgeous West Hampstead eatery is our health kick dream. Home comfort recipes made with organic, seasonal ingredients, paired not this time with wine, but with TEA – how great?! (at least pretend you’re not sad about the wine just for one moment). Imagine a summer picnic spread of assorted spelt & rye breads, tarts, superfood salads & healthy pies put on by owners Luli & Alketa who greet you with beaming smiles.
There is nothing on this plate which you should feel guilty about eating – that’s rare.

My plate was exploding with colour, this feta topped aubergine, crisp vegetables, pomegranate & avocado couscous with hummus sourdough and red bean & lentil salad was a whole heap of deliciousness.  I absolutely stuffed myself and didn’t feel regret a single bite.

Curled Leaf’s signature dish is cornbread topped with spinach and a huge portobello mushroom which is stuffed with fresh pesto, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese

Their signature moist cornbread with veg

Choose literally any fruit & veg smoothie which you can suck up with a giant straw.

Refresh and revitalise

The ever changing offer throws up things like borek, (feta stuffed filo pastries), freshly baked tarts with olive, beetroot and goat’s cheese or for sweet, gluten free or fruity cakes.  Luli or Alketa will recommend a tea to compliment any such dish. Get really into it and smell the leaves and create your own combinations to match your mood (mood dependent). You get your own teapot and a timer to let the tea brew depending on whether it is herbal, green or black. There are over 50 different tea varieties. NB – DO NOT ASK FOR COFFEE! It’s all about unwinding, not getting buzzed up.

tean lunch west hampstead
A WALL of tea
Gluten free coconut balls
This could be your own home

Of course, there are endless places serving up good food in cute settings, but Curled Leaf has a very special feel to it. The soft armchairs, floral seats, sharing tables, armchairs, fresh herbs & help yourself style counter makes my heart melt. What a local gem.

The slightly apologetic looking but adorable Curled Leaf, West Hampstead
The slightly apologetic looking but adorable Curled Leaf, West Hampstead

 x The Whistler x

Curled Leaf, Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London NW2. 


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