Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro’s, Knightsbridge – reunion

We had our 2nd year university house back together for dinner on Tuesday last week. The venue was Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro on Beachamp Place; the Neapolitan restaurant with the motto “Expect the unexpected”.

Imagine Goodfellas (a Scorsese film about Italian gangsters) – the restaurant scene post dinner. The guys are joking around, smoking, drinking, laughing, some drugs then a bottle is smashed over the waiters head and a gun gets pulled out right in someones face. Silence falls and then it’s back to hysterical laughter… madness. This is exactly the kind of scene which I imagine to be a nightly occurrence Ciro’s.

It’s an underground restaurant. Tables are jam packed together, there are literally thousands of photographs of celebrities literally staring at you from every crevice (Ciro’s special friends I hear), its very dark and there’s a lot of red leather & mahogany. European waitresses seem nervous (also Ciro’s special friends) and the chef’s look angry.

pizza knightsbridge ciros pomodoro
The silver fox, goodness knows what he was trying to play

At around 9pm there was live music from a sassy silver fox playing live music, the theme of which was hard to place – somewhere in-between Spanish flamenco and classic jazz. Uncomfortable. Though he was popular with one particular lady who hit the shoebox-sized dance floor imminently. Her face was so inflated with Botox she looked like she had bloaty head (Theme Hospital?). Honestly she looked like another species. Again, uncomfortable. I would class the clientele as white Lamborghini driving/Harley Street Clinic types. It all makes sense when you recall the location.

pizza pomodoro knightsbridge
Me. Expecting gun crime at any minute.

Food wise, don’t look alarmed when you’re served a pizza smaller than your HAND, which will cost you £16. Seriously here’s proof:

pizza pomodoro menu
The Harley Pizza (£15.95) Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni sausage & garlic. It wasn’t from the children’s menu.

And don’t think you’re allowed to create your own pizza. Alex fancied goat’s cheese & tuna and was told ‘chef says no’. To be fair, chef was probably right – what a dreadful combination.

pizza pomodoro menu beachamp place
Italian mafia grub
italian restaurant
Lasagne: pasta, bolognese sauce & bechamel sauce, grated cheese (£15)
pizza pomodoro knightsbridge
Cajun Chicken Breast: Fresh chicken breast served with mixed salad & a pizza bread (£15) – is that a chickens foot bottom left?

We ate and drank on having a brilliant time between the 6 of us and in fact the food tasted great, there wasn’t a single complaint. I should mention the complimentary shots for our table, which were appreciated. I imagine people have all sorts of fun in Ciro’s cellar, but for me it was just a really creepy place.

pizza menu
Complimentary shots for the table

We probably wont be visiting again, but thanks for the entertaining experience Ciro.

x The London Whistler x

 ‪51 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London ‪SW3 1NY

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