The beauty of London from the River Thames

This weekend I was invited to a party on a boat named the ‘Golden Flame’. We travelled from Temple up to the Thames barrier and back, here’s how it went.

Opposite Temple Pier where the boat is moored and party-goers board, there is a Walkabout bar (an Aussie sports bar). We decided to pop in for swift G&T and my god, it was MENTAL. The Lithuania vs. France basketball game on the screens, everyone was going bonkers. I was out of place and the most sober person in the establishment by about 18 drinks. One drink was enough. I can still hear the cheers and foghorns today.
river thames boat trip London
THE MENTAL GAME – so. loud.
Once on board the double decker boat, we were able to relax into the evening with drinks out on deck as we made our way towards the City, with the sun setting creating a crimson backdrop. The boat had several bars and a BBQ out on deck, but without a doubt the highlight was the rather questionable Disk Jockey who wore sunglasses from 7pm onward and somehow managed to mix Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon into Boom Boom Boom by the Outhere Brothers. For moments when you managed to stop marvelling at the DJ’s genius, there was unlimited vodka, BBQ food and hundreds of macaroons – what bliss.
river thames boat trip party London
The sun setting over the Shard
river thames boat trip party London
Canary Wharf
river thames boat trip party London
The O2
river thames boat trip party London
The Tower of London
river thames boat trip party London
London Bridge puling up – beautiful!
This was the first time I’d been on the Thames and the views were truly stunning, only reaffirming my belief that London is the best city in the world. And seeing it from the water is a new perspective that you simply must see.
For summer and since we are about to have an Indian Summer (!), I would definitely recommend an event like this. One piece of advice though: make sure you’ve got a plan to go out afterwards – because without one, I fear you’ll end up back in the Walkabout, like me, where they decanted a bottle of Champagne into a plastic carafe because glasses are not allowed; a crime that I am sure they will pay for in hell.
Should you want to recreate such an evening without a boat, drink Champagne from a plastic cup in the bath, whilst listening to this:

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