new restaurant openings london 2015

My Top 5 London Restaurant Openings for 2015

1. Jinjuu. “KOREAN WILL BE THE NEXT FOOD BOOM IN LONDON”. Opening at 15 Kingly Street 9th January.

Judy Joo is afraid of nothing. A former trader at Morgan Stanley NYC who then began working as a chef for Gordon Ramsay in the UK. Following this she oversaw the catering in London’s Playboy Club, and of course was a contestant and judge on Iron Chef. Now she’s created Jinjuu, serving her interpretation of Korean street food, the up-and-coming cuisine in London. This is a very exciting opening for London. Thank you Judy Joo.

new restaurant openings london 2015
Judy Joo in action.

2. Milos. “A MEDITERANIAN DELIGHT”. Opening at 1 Regent Street in spring 2015.

Parked at no.1 Regent Street, this international chain will offer fine dining in the form of a ‘fresh contemporary take on Greek seafood’. I among many am very much looking forward to understanding what exactly that tastes like…?

new restaurant openings london 2015
This fish is the only animal unhappy about the opening of Milos.

3. Le Chabanais. “LUCKY PARISIAN LUXURY”. Opening at 8 Mount Street, Mayfair in March 2015.

Here we have a Basque chef (one of my favourite cuisines) named Inaki Aizpitarte, owner of the 27th best restaurant in the world partnering with the luxury hotel chain Leela to open his first restaurant outside of Paris. The meaning of the name? “a luxurious Belle Epoque brothel”! They’ll bring us French food (my heaven) like we’ve never seen before. This cannot go wrong, trust me.

new restaurant openings london 2015
An example of the exquisite cuisine you’ll enjoy.

4. Big Fernand. “(MUCH) BETTER BURGERS”…because they’re FRENCH! Opening on 19 Percy Street, Fitzrovia in Spring.

Move over five guys, this French chain is landing in London for the first time with their range of fine burgers and it’s going to be good. Casual dining is nearing perfection. Expect French cheeses and sauces to be a focus as well as lamb, veal, chicken and vegetarian options besides the usual beef.  A ‘build-your-own’ option apparently allows for over 3,854 possibilities (they’ve counted).

new restaurant openings london 2015
This burger will be wonderful purely because it’s French.

5. Biblioteka. “FOR ULTIMATE ROMANCE AND A TASTE OF WEALTH”. (of course, it’s Russian!) Opening on12 St James’s Street in the second half of 2015.

Biblioteka will be a £15 million, 17,000 square foot restaurant with a number of private dining rooms and a champagne bar and it’s coming from the people behind Soho favourite Bob Bob Ricard (a favourite of mine, see my review here). The food will echo the menu at BBR so you can expect English and Russian classics and they’re aiming to have the best wine list in town. They’re going to need a pricey menu to pay of that £15 million bill, so aim for pay day for this one.

new restaurant openings london 2015
Flashy, high-class and likely to be rather intimidating.

Quote Joël Robuchon “London is very possibly the gastronomic capital of the world”. How lucky we are.

x The London Whistler x

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