Lily’s Top 5 New York Bites

My great friend Lily is an all-round NYC aficionado jumped at the chance to share her staple eating spots in the big apple with you, and I must say I am now desperate to go on the Lily tour of NYC! Over to you Lily (the beauty on the right…)

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

….As someone who spends a good portion of her time hopping across the Atlantic, it’s so important to have some rituals, and what’s more comforting a ritual than eating?

Sure, I’m booking Soul Cycle at 12pm New York time to get the best teachers (top tip, it’s always Sunny at West 27th Street) and having endless conversations with my bank to make sure they’re not cutting me off, but knowing where to go to get food I love, is just as important.

So without further a do, my top 5 spots to eat, in New York are –

ONE) Mercer Kitchen

My favorite thing in the world to do, when I’ve landed and dropped off my bags wherever I’m staying, is to put on some lipstick and go and eat at the Mercer. Most people go down into the basement where the scene is very martini and oyster, but I love to meet a friend in the lobby and eat the rigatoni and meatballs with a glass of wine (or cucumber martini). It’s a superb place to people watch and they truly know how to make you feel at home.

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

What to Eat: Rigatoni with meatballs, sautéed kale, the kale salad, thai chicken soup with rice

What to Drink: Cucumber martini, Red wine or the fresh mint and ginger tea.

TWO) Murray’s Bagels & Tompkins Square Bagels

As part of a traveling ritual that involves exercising and taking a lot of berocca, I swear by a good old bagel to start your Sunday. My two favorite locations (sorry Rosie!) are Murray’s Bagels near Greenwich Village or Tompkins Square Bagels in the Lower East Side. Don’t overthink the order, go for an everything with cream cheese with lox, salmon or pastrami.
New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

Address: Murray’s Bagels, 500 Avenue of the Americas (between West 12th and 13th streets)

Tompkins Square Bagels, 165 Avenue A (between East 10th and 11th streets)

What to Eat: An everything bagel with cream cheese (avoid the frosted cream cheese at Topkins Square Bagels unless you feel like falling into a diabetic coma).

What to Drink: Iced tea

THREE) Hu Kitchen

For a mid-week health fix, Hu Kitchen is your place. It’s a paleo kitchen with a focus on unprocessed food. It’s full of LuLu Lemon clad exercise fiends but if you can drag your attention away from the hipster servers, the food really is excellent. And as an added bonus, Seamless (literally the only app to download if you’re in New York for an extended period of time) will deliver. I like to bulk buy the Brussels sprouts and green juices to keep in the fridge for emergencies and the dark chocolate with puffed quinoa is particularly delicious too.

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little princeAddress: Hu Kitchen, 78 5th Avenue (between 13th and 14th streets)

What to Eat: Balsamic Brussels sprouts, grass-fed meatloaf, market vegetables, dark chocolate with puffed quinoa

What to Drink: An organic Demi Vert green juice

FOUR) Little Prince

This is the ultimate supper with friends spot, not only is it named after one of the loveliest children’s books, but are the staff utterly divine, the tables are perfectly close together with easily the best french french onion soup I’ve ever eaten outside of my mother’s kitchen (don’t tell her I said so). It’s perfect for a date, for dinner for 6 or to sit at the bar with a book. Chat with the bartender for pitch perfect wine recommendations and flick through the French school books that your bill is delivered in.

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince

Address: Little Prince, 199 Prince Street (between Sullivan and McDougal streets)

What to Eat: French onion soup, steak frites, parisian gnocchi

What to Drink: Whatever you’re recommended, the white burgundy wine is particularly good

FIVE) The Dutch

Life in New York is nothing without a good brunch spot. The Dutch is in the depths of SoHo and is always booked up a week in advance. If you feel like taking a chance, sit at the oyster bar for exactly the same brunch menu. Oh and always, always order a side of bacon.

New York mercer kitchen bagels hu little prince 

Address: The Dutch, 131 Sullivan Street (between Prince & West Houston streets)

What to Eat: The turkey sandwich, fries, extra bacon, poached eggs with cheddar biscuits, hot fried chicken, extra bacon

What to Drink: Bloody Mary’s or Ice Tea


So there you have my top 5 food havens, I hope that you’ll get to enjoy them as much as I have. Until next time…

Lily xo


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