Carousel restaurant menu


Carousel is a new, innovative dining concept located in an intimate restaurant in Marylebone. The chef and their team rotate every 2-4 weeks, each one with a specially curated menu meaning that over time you have the chance to taste every kind of cuisine from Turkish to Japanese to Scandinavian. Return on the first of each month and you will be treated to an entirely different experience each time – genius.

I visited when it was the turn of the team behind the hip Berlin based restaurant ‘LOKAL’. We were intrigued by them because you don’t hear of many Berlin inspired restaurants in London – only underground clubs, street art and X rated parties! LOKAL were cooking their Portland-style locavore menu from (you guessed it) carefully sourced, local produce and in summary the whole evening was superb!

Carousel restaurant menu
One of my favourite things about Carousel… “Advanced bookings means less food wastage, which is a good thing for the planet. In the future we hope that more places follow suit.”

The atmosphere at Carousel is unique. As it’s a new, rare concept, the room is full of energy and people genuinely want to chat to each other which not what we’re used to in London…

Guests are seated at more or less the same time so that courses are served from the open kitchen en masse. It was interesting to listen to other guests’ commenting on their plate of food whilst you might be thinking the complete opposite.

The menu is always set, and there is always a vegetarian option, which on my visit was tried and tested and delicious.

Each dish introduced new clever combinations of natural ingredients, the highlight for me being the off the wall dessert and the intricate wine list while Olie fell in love with the slow cooked pork shoulder. I highly recommend this experience for dinner with a difference and am confident this concept will thrive and prosper! I’l let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

Carousel restaurant menu
Starter number 1; asparagus, egg, dandelion and cauliflower.
Carousel restaurant menu
Starter number 2; Mackerel, fennel, kale and radish to start.
Carousel restaurant menu
The only bottle of red your should be ordering – this is the one!
Carousel restaurant menu
The meat main of pork, pea, apple and kraut.
Carousel restaurant menu
The succulent shoulder of pork – each group of guests were served this to share.
Carousel restaurant menu
The beautifully cooked pork flaked apart like a piece of fish!
Carousel restaurant menu
A very happy customer, I cannot wait to return.
Carousel restaurant menu
The vegetarian main course of pearl barley, carrot, swede mash, peas and a vinaigrette dressing.
Carousel restaurant menu
One more….bottle.
Carousel restaurant menu
The perfect ending pudding of carrot ice cream and a hazelnut cheesecake.
Carousel restaurant menu
The superb menu

The London Whistler x

71 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 8AB
020 7487 5564 |

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