VIP Launch Night at Embargo Republica, Chelsea

Thursday 21st August was the official VIP launch of Embargo Republica, where the newly roughed-up Cuban doors opened to a glamorous Chelsea crowd for the very first time. I was treated compiling a guest list of 20 to come along and enjoy the night. We entered through a themed cuban cigar shop, then treated to complimentary Champagne and exotic rum cocktails. Various waitresses dressed up in Cuban military uniforms and floral dresses handed around delicious canapés; scallops with avocado puree, crab & salmon balls and sliced venison topped with dill.  Partners of the event included London jewellery designers Whistle & Bango, Ibiza … Continue reading VIP Launch Night at Embargo Republica, Chelsea

SW1, The Orange, Drinks & Dinner

We were in need of a place for a couple of innocent drinks and a light bite.  Let’s call it a “catch up” (a dreary overused term, we’re all guilty ). The adorable little square that The Orange is located in is predominantly residential with plethora of gorgeous independent village feel shops. When it’s lit up with Christmas lights as it is at the moment it looks like something from a fairytale. As it’s only a 10 minute walk from Victoria Station, it’s a cracking stop gap between the bustling SW1E and the calmness Chelsea.  The Orange offers an informal … Continue reading SW1, The Orange, Drinks & Dinner